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1116 12th Street
Hood River, OR, 97031
United States

(541) 436-4672


How does it work?


To see what we're currently accepting,  please see our Accepting page and plan accordingly.

We're happy to go through your items on one of our consignment accepting days and if there are unsellable pieces, they'll be sent with you at that time.  If you choose to drop'n'dash, we'll happily connect your unsellable items (if any) with the need in our community.

Please limit the amount of clothes you bring in to one brown paper bags per visit! (PLEASE do not use trash bags or items may be mistaken for donations or trash).  Clothing should be folded.  Buttons buttoned.  Laces tied.  Zippers zipped.  Snaps snapped.

If you wish for unsold items to be returned to you, be sure to specifically make the request at each drop off.  Unsold clothing items may become the property of Cutie Pie and can be donated to our charity organizations. If you leave behind any of the "unacceptable items", they will be donated for you.


How long do I have to sell my items and what are the terms of sale?

Clothing, shoes, and like items will sell at full price for one month after entered into inventory. The 2nd month is at 25% mark-down, 3rd month is at 50% mark-down.  Items expire in their 4th month and become non-consignment and may be donated or clearanced to make room for fresh product.  

Larger gear and other non-clothing  items are discounted over a 6 month period and can be returned if not sold.


How much credit do I make?

Items priced $5 and under you receive 25% of sale

Items priced between $6-$9 you receive 35% of sale

Items priced between $10-$49 you receive 45% of sale

Items priced between $50-$99 you receive 55% of sale

Items priced between $100-$199 you receive 65% of sale

Items priced $200 and above you receive 70% of sale